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Break Bread • Make Friends • Build Community

What is Dinner Mates?

Dinner Mates launched in January 2020 in New York City.  Our mission was to make friends and build community over sharing a meal in our neighborhoods. We took off like a rocket! All our events sold out. Then, the unexpected happened...

The pandemic has made many of us feel physically isolated. In response to the isolation, Dinner Mates pivoted to virtual events for a while. But Dinner Mates was meant to be an off-line experience.  We have finally started to create in person events again.

Come have a drink, share a meal, learn about wines, foods and about each other.

Be part of a communal dining experience.

The Story

Hello there. I'm  Laurel, the founder of Dinner Mates.

I was an award winning independent filmmaker and made films for over 30 years. (Blind Dog Films) I am also a foodie and lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

One summer day in 2019, I walked into a restaurant around the corner from me, and I had a vision of people in my neighborhood sitting around a table eating together.

That was it! The idea of Dinner Mates was born! I dropped my film career, made a 180 degree turn to make this dream come to life.

I made films because I wanted to move people, to create impact and bring audiences together over a topic or an issue and get them talking with one another.

I bring that same passion and sensibility to Dinner Mates-- I created Dinner Mates to bring people together, to make a difference in our personal lives, and our world.

Our mission is: Break Bread, Make Friends, Build Community.

One meal at a time.

ox Laurel

Why Portland?

During the peak of the pandemic, I fled to Portland. SoPo to be exact. I came with my pup Sprout and we stayed for the entire winter and fell in love with it. Yes, even in the cold!

On December 1st, this city girl and her dog moved out of our studio apartment in Manhattan to a darling house near Willard Square.

Because Portland is a foodie town, I thought it would be a perfect place to relaunch Dinner Mates! Happy to be here, and eager to meet you.

Dinner Mates welcomes 103 new members


Making friends and building community over food is the core mission of Dinner Mates.

It is never just about the food, but about sharing meals together, being part of a community and creating sustainable and lasting connections with new friends.

To create a more intimate and communal experience for everyone, Dinner Mates has become a Members-Only Club.

Open enrollment to the Club is now closed. Get on the waitlist to be alerted when we open the doors again. 


Thai Salmon

Salmon with Carmelized Grapes


Making crêpes the right way!

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Cuban dinner

Authentic Onion Soup

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Petit Jac

In-Person launch!

Raised to date

Dinner Mates Club 

Get notified as soon as enrollment opens up again


Thank you!

That's it for now.

While waiting, feel free to try out any event as a guest!


Become a Dinner Mates Ambassador


Thank you for your curiosity!

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