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Hello there. I'm Laurel Chiten, the founder of Dinner Mates.

I was an award winning independent filmmaker for over 30 years and I'm also a foodie. One summer day in 2019,  I walked into a restaurant around the corner from me, and had a vision of people in my neighborhood sitting around a table eating together. That was it! The idea of Dinner Mates was born! I dropped my film career and made a 180 degree turn.

I have been growing Dinner Mates for over two years and what has excited me the most is the idea of working with other leaders like you, and spreading it around the world. That has always been the long term vision.

I call these leaders "Ambassadors".

My plan was to use this year and do a "beta" test here in Portland, Maine and be ready to open up a program for Ambassadors in a year or so. But then Kaitlyn, a woman in Seattle, saw my website and wanted to know how she could bring Dinner Mates to her community? So I thought, why not NOW? Let's do it!

I have learned quite a bit from having produced several in-person  and virtual events. Behind the scenes, I have created systems, assets, websites and marketing materials so that as an Ambassador you will have all the tools and support you need to get up and running.

At the same time, I want to be completely honest. While I know the WHAT and the WHY, I have not figured out the details, the "HOW".

There are many directions the Dinner Mates Ambassadors program could go. It could be a course, a membership, offer affiliates pay structure, and more.

This is where you come in.

I am looking to invite a small group of people, like Kaitlyn, from anywhere in the world, to jump in with us, and grow it together.
One community at a time. One meal at a time.

Even if you're not ready to become an Ambassador right now, please get on our list so you can follow the journey.

One thing I can promise you, we are going to create something amazing.

If you want to be a part of this adventure, click on the purple button below.

ox Laurel

What is Dinner Mates?

Dinner Mates is a community based membership that strives to bring people together, eat great food, and meet like minded people in our neighborhoods.

We believe we can build a vibrant local and international community around the dinner table!

The pandemic made us all feel isolated. Now that the world is opening up again, people are eager to connect again. What better way than sharing a meal together.

To learn more about how Dinner Mates got started, and about what we are doing now, please visit our website.

This is for you if you...

  • If the mission of Dinner Mates sparks a fire in your belly.

  • Are a foodie.

  • Enjoy building a community.

  • Have a related business and brand that you want to expand.

  • Want to make money.

  • Want to get in on the ground floor and build something great.

The MISSION of Dinner Mates is to make friends and build community over food.

The VISION of Dinner Mates is to focus on local, and become global.

Got questions? Write to laurel@dinnermatesclub.com

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