Do you love throwing dinner parties?

Host a party with us!

Host a party in your HOME. Serve one of your FAVORITE MEALS, or try something NEW, and SHARE IT with your guests!

This is for you if you...

  • Miss throwing dinner parties.

  • Are tired of cooking for yourself.

  • Are passionate about hosting dinner parties but it is pricey.

  • Are eager to try out that new recipe and share it.

  • Enjoy creating theme dinners.

  • Love entertaining in your home.

  • Just love a party!

How does it work?

  • Pick the date and the menu.

  • Decide how many people you want to attend.

  • You do the cooking and we promote the event and sell tickets from our website.

  • All your expenses are covered!


Heck no! As long as you cook with love.

Of course not! Your dinner event can be fancy and gourmet or down home and simple. Your choice!

Of course. You set all the rules for your own comfort. 

For now, about a 30 minute drive from Portland. 

No, but all your food and drink expenses will be covered. (and any other expenses that are connected to the dinner). You provide us a total of your expenses and we will base the ticket prices to cover your expenses.  You will get paid as soon as we sell out all the seats. 

Two weeks minimum is usually best. You also can pick a date several weeks in advance.

Anything you want! The sky is the limit! Always good to include appetizers, main course, and dessert if possible. 

If you want to serve wine, and/or have cocktails, you should include those costs in your total expenses. 


Yes! We encourage you to do this as a team!

No. You can pick any foods you want to serve. If you have vegetarian/Vegan/GF options that is great, but you don't have to. 


You can decide what charity you want to support and we can add that option on the ticketing page. 

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