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Partner with us!

To keep the spirit of DINNER MATES alive, we've created virtual dinners & Happy Hours.

Partner with us, to provide intimate dining experiences to locals.

How does it work?

  • You pick the date and set the prix fix menu.

  • You decide how many people you can accommodate.

  • We promote the event and sell tickets from our website.

  • You deliver the food to their homes within a 30 minute time frame. 

  • All dinners are set up on zoom. We eat your food together in a communal meal. 

Why work with Dinner Mates?

  • We bring you paying customers. 

  • We take care of all the logistics and payments. 

  • We promote your restaurant on our website, social media and email. 

  • We introduce your restaurant to locals

  • We encourage all our dinner guests to take photos of your food and promote in their social networks. 

  • People order directly from your restaurant, not from a delivery service. 

  • No hassling with separate customer payments. All meals are paid via one credit card.  

  • Every dinner is set up as a fundraiser. Raise money for any cause you choose. 

  • You become part of the Dinner Mates network



We will introduce new people to your restaurant. We do all the marketing for you and take care of the logistics. 

Once NYC opens again, Dinner Mates customers will be eager to have dinner in your restaurant in person!

Absolutely nothing. You choose what price you want the meal to cost, and you get 100%. 

No. You get the full amount you requested for the price of the meal. At this phase, Dinner Mates does not do any revenue share. Dinner Mates increases the price of the meal slightly to cover our admin costs, but this does not come out of your revenue. 

We pay you via credit card the night of the event.

Ideally, we suggest $25-$35/pp including tax, delivery and tip.

All nights work these days!


All our dinner events are set up as fundraisers. We have a separate donate option on our ticketing platform.

We can set up your dinner to raise funds for any cause you want to support. By default we are raising money for "Feed the Frontlines NYC".

So far, most of our dinner guests have been choosing to donate. 

There are a few options. All orders can be done through our website, including collecting the addresses, or guests can call your restaurant directly and place their orders.

You decide what is easiest for you. 

We work with whatever delivery service you already use and fold that cost into the prix fix dinner price.

Guests are encouraged to add additional tips on their own if they choose. 

Customers have the option to order alcohol separately from you. 

We suggest including at least 2 courses, and 3 choices for the main course. IInclude vegetarian and gluten free options if possible. 

The menu could be a choice of: one appetizer, a main dish, and/or a dessert. You decide. 

Provide a slight discount so the prix fix is of value, and less money than if they ordered a la carte on their own. 

Always best to impress your Dinner Mates guests but this does not mean you have to serve your high price point dishes. These days, people are very happy with food that is made with love, tastes good and arrives warm. 


Absolutely! We can make it a regular event, weekly/monthly or whatever works best! 

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